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Authorities seize cocaine, alprazolam pills from former Orlando school teacher

Published On: 02-23-2018 in Category: Drug trafficking

Authorities seize cocaine, alprazolam pills from former Orlando school teacher

Parents of children studying in an Orange County school were shocked after an employee was recently arrested for drug trafficking. Johnny Lopez, who earlier taught at Pinecrest Preparatory Charter School in Orlando, was arrested on Feb. 1, 2018, during a traffic stop at Southwest Martin Highway and I-95 in Palm City, Martin County. Lopez, 25, was immediately fired from the job.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, a search of Lopez’s car led to the discovery of a backpack containing cocaine, alprazolam pills, and other drug paraphernalia. Investigators said that Lopez admitted to experiencing financial issues. Lopez allegedly procured the drugs from Miami for sale at a concert in St. Cloud, said the authorities.

Lopez was accused of trafficking cocaine, and possession of alprazolam pills and drug paraphernalia. He is currently out of jail on bond. Meanwhile, parents expressed their outrage over the incident. “That’s crazy, I didn’t even know that happen. That’s not cool. This never happened in this school, ever,” said Anna Cordero, a student’s parent.

Although, the U.S. government is making serious efforts to monitor drug trafficking activities nationwide and deal effectively with the crisis, it is imperative to bear in mind that the influx of drugs depends on the increasing demand in American markets, especially from different consumers across all sections of society.

Cocaine trafficking in Florida

The state of Florida has largely been portrayed in movies as well as in the media as a major entry point for cocaine into the U.S. Besides, there is a popular tendency to picture the local Cubans as well as other Latino populations as key cocaine traffickers, which may not be always true. The Miami-Dade and Broward counties in South Florida are considered as the hub of all drug distribution activities in the state. From the two counties, large consignments of cocaine, heroin and marijuana originating from South America and the Caribbean are transported to major locations across the nation primarily via Interstate 95.

Another falsely propagated notion is that cocaine is solely taken by the affluent sections of society. While this could be true to a certain extent, statistics have revealed that cocaine use is highest among Americans aged 18 to 25, across all classes and ethnicities. In fact, along with alcohol, cocaine is the most common drug that causes the maximum number of emergency room visits nationwide. In addition to the devastating effects on physical health, coke addiction also wreaks an individual’s mental health. It can inflict irreparable life-long damage to several vital organs and impair important body functions.

Leading a drug-free life

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