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  • Synthetic marijuana racket busted in Orlando

    Published On: 03-10-2017 in Category: Addiction, drug bust, Marijuana

    Lately, marijuana has become the drug of choice for millions of adolescents in the United States. This could largely be attributed to the state laws that approve the use of marijuana for medical purposes. But, with synthetic marijuana, also known as Spice or K2, getting increasingly popular among the youth, the situation has deteriorated further. […]

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  • Obama commutes life sentence of Sanford drug dealer

    Published On: 02-03-2017 in Category: Addiction, Crack cocaine, Drug trafficking

    Federal laws regarding drug trafficking or distribution provide strict penalties to those who are involved in the selling and transportation of illegal drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin and other drugs. However, in a bid to give a second chance to the suspects arrested under harsh sentencing laws, the former American president Barrack Obama […]

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  • Drug trafficking ring busted in Orlando after 2 years of investigation

    Published On: 11-11-2016 in Category: Addiction, Drug, drug abuse

    Drug trafficking is a serious problem not only across the world but in the United States as well. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) makes 30,000 arrests each year that are connected to sale and distribution of illegal narcotics in the U.S. alone. Continuing their crackdown, officials in August this year, busted a trafficking ring in […]

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  • Florida licensed professionals face more stringent regulations than gun dealers

    Published On: 10-04-2016 in Category: Drug

    Gun dealers play a major role in facilitating the entry of firearms in the consumer market, but they are not monitored by the federal agencies as required. As per the U.S. law enforcement agencies, most of the drug trafficking is carried out through gun shops due to the presence of enormous quantities of arms and […]

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  • 2-year probe busts drug trafficking ring led by trucking company owner

    Published On: 08-23-2016 in Category: Drug

    A drug trafficking gang was busted in Orlando recently after a two-year long investigation. The accused were allegedly involved in trafficking a variety of drugs, including Oxycodone, cocaine and cannabis, and were suspected of transporting illegal drugs across the country for supplying in Central Florida. The operation led to the arrest of Peter Truong, 39, […]

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  • Orlando woman burns son’s hands for selling her marijuana

    Published On: 06-24-2016 in Category: drug abuse

    An Orlando woman was arrested recently for allegedly burning her son’s hands on a hot stove for selling her marijuana. Zayme Zurineth Flores, 34, has been charged with a felony of child abuse and contributing to juvenile delinquency of the teen. Flores had allegedly forced her son to burn his hands as a form of […]

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  • Orlando eases punishments for possessing small quantities of marijuana

    Published On: 05-26-2016 in Category: Addiction

    Orlando became the first city in Central Florida to decriminalize carrying small amounts of marijuana by passing an ordinance in May 2016. The ordinance will allow city police officers to use citations rather than directly arresting an individual carrying 20 grams or less of the drug. The ordinance, to be effective from October 2016, will […]

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  • From prescription drugs to heroin: Orlando addicts finding solace in cheaper option

    Published On: 04-15-2016 in Category: Addiction, Heroin

    As America continues to suffer from prescription drug abuse and heroin epidemic, Florida too has its own share of woes where addicts have been shifting their choice of abuse from the expensive opioids to the much cheaper and easily available illegal drug. In fact, in her own admission, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs recently highlighted […]

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  • Fentanyl deaths on the rise in Florida

    Published On: 04-05-2016 in Category: Drug

    Fentanyl, a schedule II prescription drug, is a powerful synthetic opiate analgesic. Though similar to morphine, it is more potent. It is used to treat patients with severe pain or to manage pain after surgery. Federal authorities in Orlando, concerned over the rise of fentanyl abuse, have become more vigilant with more people breaking laws […]

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  • Why do doctors turn addicts?

    Published On: 03-15-2016 in Category: Addiction, alcohol, drug abuse, drug treatment

    When an Orlando pediatrician’s license was rescinded recently for being under the influence of drugs while on job, it raised quite a few eyebrows. Dr. Norbert Falasco had to shut his office because of complaints to the department of health that he was drinking and taking drugs while treating children. It was not the first […]

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