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Orlando car crash leads to seizure of heroin, meth

Published On: 06-13-2017 in Category: Addiction, drug bust, Drug trafficking

Two Orlando residents were arrested on May 5, 2017, for transporting heroin, meth and marijuana in a car. They were taken into custody after their car crashed near State Road 85. Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) deputies observed a speeding car on Interstate 10 and attempted to pull the vehicle over. However, the 26-year-old driver, Donald Ludwig II, tried to dodge the officers and made a sudden exit at the State Road 85 where he immediately ended up crashing into another vehicle.

Upon searching his vehicle, deputies discovered 30 jeweler’s bags of suspected heroin, some plastic bags containing meth and marijuana. Both, Ludwig and the other passenger, Jessica Ingham, 29, were first rushed to the North Okaloosa Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries prior to their arrest, media reports said.

At the Okaloosa County Jail, more bags of heroin were found concealed in the duo’s inner garments. Ludwig has been charged with multiple offenses, including fleeing from the scene of accident and willfully driving with a suspended license. According to the OCSO, his license has been suspended 23 times in the past. Besides, both the individuals face several drug-related charges.

Combating menace of drugs in society

Numerous federal and state laws have been implemented to deal with drug trafficking cases across the United States. Experts believe that the existing problem of drug trafficking is compounded by many youths obsessed with money involved in drug peddling, irrespective of the risks involved. The federal government is trying to combat the rising addiction problem in the country and is spreading awareness about the misuse of drugs. But the situation of drug peddling and possession will remain harrowing unless people also commit to end the menace at their level.

In addition, to minimize the drug-related crime rate in various U.S. states, stringent laws have to be adopted, including those that deal with illegal possession of addictive substances. The fact that abuse of illicit drugs has been devastating lives of millions in the recent times is a problem of much bigger and differing proportions. There are regular drug busts and other investigations leading to arrests of drug traffickers, but authorities still need to tighten their belts to exhibit more strictness in handling the issue.

An individual is not born with the intention to abuse drugs as he grows up. But once he/she gets addicted, his/her ability to display self-control can be severely impaired with continued use. Besides, the damage to several vital organs and body functions is immense.

Leading a drug-free life

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