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Man pleads guilty to drug trafficking using postal services, laundering $1.5M

Published On: 09-04-2017 in Category: Addiction, Drug trafficking

An alleged drug ring leader who operated out of Orlando, Florida recently pleaded guilty to laundering over $1.5 million in drug proceeds, a media report said. The drug trafficking gang was involved in distributing highly addictive drugs, such as fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. Interestingly, it used U.S. Postal Service, Federal Express, etc. to deliver drug consignments.

Antonio Romero Jr. admitted the crime during a hearing before federal judge Guillermo R. Garcia on August 30, 2017. The 30-year-old, referred to as an established drug dealer in court records, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracies involving drug trafficking and money laundering and now faces now faces up to life in prison. His wife Olinda Romero also faces up to 20 years in prison for her role in the drug trafficking business.

Dealing with problem of harmful substances in society

Even as heroin and prescription opioids are blamed for the America’s increased appetite for abusive drugs, the easy availability of highly potent synthetic drug fentanyl has multiplied the worries of the federal and state authorities. Designer drugs like fentanyl and carfentanil have been increasingly contributing to the worsening of the nation’s opioid epidemic.

No individual is born with the desire to turn to harmful substances as they grow. But once trapped in the clutches of addiction, a person’s ability to exercise self-control gets severely damaged. Additionally, the damage to several important body organs and functions is colossal. For a long time now, authorities have been investing large sums of money on campaigns against drug trafficking, which has spread nationwide. In addition, stringent laws have been put in place to curb the growing crime rate arising from illegal drug use in several states.

Studies show that after alcohol, the most widely abused drugs are marijuana and prescription opioids. A highly addictive drug, marijuana has the potential to alter the brain’s reward system by creating a dopamine rush that induces users to experiment other drugs. Research indicates that in an effort to get a powerful high, people addicted to cannabis are thrice more likely to get hooked on heroin. Due to the absence of any recognized medicinal value and the high risk of abuse, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has classified marijuana as a Schedule I drug.

Recent findings have revealed that an overwhelmingly large number of American adults are indulging in abuse of prescription drugs. Regrettably, innumerable individuals view prescription drugs as safe-to-use medications and disregard the directions advised by physicians. But the truth is that non-medical use or abuse of prescription opioids can result in dangerous outcomes. America has woken up to the worrisome reality that deadly overdoses of painkillers, sedatives tranquilizers and stimulants have actually claimed more victims than guns or road accidents. Although authorities are conducting regular drug busts and other investigations leading to arrests of drug traffickers, they need to tighten their belts to show zero tolerance while handling the issue.

Leading a drug-free life

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